Mutual Distributing Company

Seeing Success with DiveTab Mobile Sales Solution

Quick facts

Organization: Mutual Distributing Company
Dimensional Insight Customer Since: 2000
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Solution: Diver Platform and DiveTab

Key goal

For nearly two decades, Mutual Distributing has gained insight into its sales operations through Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform (Diver), a business intelligence solution. With Diver, salespeople and their managers are able to access critical goal and quota data via web-based dashboards.

Several years ago, Mutual realized that it needed a way to bring this information to its sales team in real-time, meaning data needed to be accessible on the road via mobile devices. As Mutual was trying to settle on a solution, the organization had two decisions to make. First, what kind of a mobile device did it want its salespeople to use? And second, how could Mutual manage its sales information on the device it selected?

Mutual Distributing Company is a beer and wine wholesaler based in North Carolina. It has more than 13,000 customers, and employs more than 700 people in seven locations throughout the state. By acquiring other wholesalers over the years, Mutual Distributing has expanded its distribution territory to cover the entire state. As part of its 700-plus workforce, Mutual employs more than 200 salespeople and supervisors.