lipman brothers

Role-Based Dashboards And Self-Service Reporting Empower A Sales Organization

Quick facts

Organization: Lipman Brothers, Inc.
Industry: Beverage Alcohol Distribution
Customer since: 2000
Employees: 200
Established: 1939
Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goal

  • Create role-based dashboards for three different types of sales managers
  • Provide executives with a holistic view of sales operations at a summary level with access to relevant detail
  • Provide users with improved access to sales goals and incentive information in a timely manner
  • Customize sales performance dashboard views based on user preferences
  • Establish a self-service reporting environment to support ad hoc requests

Over the past decade the BI needs at Lipman had evolved and become more sophisticated in order to keep up with the constant influx of requests generated by members of the sales organization.

While each member of Lipman’s sales organization was able to access data on monthly sales volumes and goals, a significant amount of time was still being spent by several sales administrators supporting the specific information requests of Lipman’s sales management team.

Luci Cain, Sales Technology Coordinator, describes the evolution, “We were providing our users with web-based and email access to reports on sales for the month, what brands were being shipped to which accounts, or data on how each of our brands or divisions were performing, yet our users were still spending a lot of time customizing their view of the information or sifting through the data to retrieve a specific number. Now we are automatically providing that information to them.”