Using Diver Platform to Turn Losses into Gains

Quick facts

Industry: Bed and spring manufacturing
Organization: the Kellett Group
Location: Ireland
Employees: 185
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goal

The Kellett Group’s management team decided it needed more information to figure out what was going wrong. “We had some major challenges, not least of which was uncertainty as to whether every job produced was being invoiced to the customer, as reconciliation of data from all the production floors was manual and time-consuming,” says Browne.

The Kellett Group is a family-owned business that was founded in 1947 and is based in Oldcastle, Co Meath, Ireland. It is the largest bed and spring manufacturer in Ireland. The company sells more than 90,000 mattresses, 35,000 divans, 20,000 headboards, and 500,000 spring units every year under the brands Respa, Sleeptight, and Springcastle.