Key Business Analytics Delivered Through Diver: How Hope Family Wines Uses Diver Platform, DiveTab and Sales Advisor

Quick facts

Organization: Hope Family Wines
Dimensional Insight Customer Since: 2006
Location: Paso Robles, California
Company Description: Hope Family Wines is a privately owned winery with ve brands sold both nationally and internationally. In 2015 the company produced about 400,000 cases of wine.
Solution: Diver Platform, DiveTab, Sales Advisor

Key goal

Hope Family Wines began using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform during a rapid growth period. The company was using several databases and was looking for a way to get a handle on its information and how it was collected and analyzed.

Diver took what the company was doing in five different databases and cut it down to two, which both feed through Diver.

Hope Family Wines is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1978 in the Central Coast of California.

The company has long-standing relationships with more than 50 growers to ensure only those grapes with the truest varietal characteristics go into its wines.