Getting Physicians to Buy in to Performance Management by Focusing on Trust and Teamwork

Quick facts

  • Organization: Gwinnett Medical Center
  • Location: Metro Atlanta, Georgia
  • Revenue: $809 million
  • Beds: 553
  • Employees: 5,500
  • Customer Since: 2015
  • Website:
  • Solution: Diver Platform with Measure Factory, Surgery Advisor

Key goal

GMC had data solutions that were functional but not well-used, so the health system needed to build a business intelligence solution that would provide dashboards to users and support the hospital’s new intensivist program.

GMC started a new intensivist program in its four ICUs in early 2016. As the program got under way, GMC wanted a business intelligence solution in place that would provide it with a baseline to show how the hospital and individual physicians performed on a variety of measures.

Moving forward, it wanted to use this information to determine best practices in the ICU and measure physician performance against these best practices.