Reducing Report Production Time by 98% with Diver

Quick facts

Organization: Expert Ireland
Industry: Retail
Location: 67 stores across Ireland
Customer since: 2015
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goals

Expert Ireland knew, because of how different each of its stores is, that the perfect world solution of one common IT system for all of its members wasn’t possible. Expert Ireland’s involvement in some stores was strictly in the electrical department, which was one small part of the entire store, and the company knew it couldn’t expect the retailer to change its entire system for one department.

Expert Ireland wanted a solution that would help it get out in front of its interactions with its suppliers, and help the company re-establish a position of authority. Expert Ireland also needed a solution that its retailers would trust, knowing that when they handed over the information their loyal customers entrusted with them, that Expert was going to handle that information responsibly.

Expert Ireland is Ireland’s largest electrical retailer, with more than 60 stores across the country. The stores are independent retailers who through the Expert group are able to combine purchases, marketing, and general market information. The company’s goal is to offer its customers the best value for their money.

Expert Ireland’s 67 stores across the country, run by 44 members, are local retailers that are engrained within their communities. The Expert company does have an international presence. It is the market leader in home appliances with a strong market share in other categories as well.