Duckhorn Vineyard

Increasing Sales in the Wine Industry with Diver Platform™

Quick Facts
Organization: Duckhorn Wine Company
Dimensional Insight Customer Since: 2014
Location: Saint Helena, California
Company Description: Duckhorn Wine Company is a wine supplier with six brands located in Napa Valley
Solution: Diver Platform

Duckhorn Wine Company was founded in 1976 and has established itself as one of North America’s premier producers of Napa Valley wines. The company represents and sells six brands from Napa and other parts of California and the Pacific Northwest: Duckhorn, Decoy, Paraduxx, Goldeneye, Migration, and Canvasback. It quickly grew from a company with one brand and two SKUs to one with six brands and more than 40 SKUs.

Duckhorn felt that in order to better analyze trends in the market and be able to accelerate growth, it needed a business intelligence solution that would allow it to better look at and analyze its data. As a result, Duckhorn selected Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform (Diver) because of its flexibility, ease of use, and easy administration in giving its executives and sales and marketing teams the ability to get data quickly and accurately.

Data-driven team needs robust BI tool

Duckhorn has about 25 Diver users across the organization, including the executive team, sales reps, and marketing team. With Diver, Duckhorn’s staff has access to dashboards that allow them to examine sales in their specific region or nationwide. The merchandising team and sales reps use Diver to look at specific account information and see how well they are meeting their goals, while the senior vice president of sales uses it hourly to assess the overall health of the business. If questions arise, users are able to dive in to the data and find the answers.

“We are an extremely data-driven, analytical organization,” says Sue Tamburelli, Duckhorn’s director of sales operations. “Being able to have a tool that helps us easily analyze the data, easily analyze the market — it’s been fantastic. We’re very happy with the way that we are able to address all of our users’ questions and provide answers to the organization.”

Using Diver to increase sales

One of the ways the company has been able to use Diver is through its focus on new and lost accounts. “Brand loyalty is not as strong across our industry as it is in other industries,” says Tamburelli. “Being able to take a look at brand and SKU penetration at the account level has been very easy with Diver and instrumental to some of our successes in the market.”

Diver also allows Duckhorn to go to market with different sales strategies in different regions. One geographical region in the company is currently focused on the new and lost accounts, while another region is focused on increasing its points of distribution. The data Duckhorn produces using Diver helps the company answer specifi c market-driven questions so it is able to sell right to that market.

“I can’t imagine a sales organization not having a product like Diver,” Tamburelli says. “Being able to quickly analyze what’s happening in the market, what the trends say, understanding account base growth and distribution opportunities are all instrumental to grow sales…it’s becoming a must-have tool.”