Spectre Provides 96% Improvement 
in Report Processing Time

Quick facts

Organization: Corrib Oil
Industry: Fuel and Retail
Location: Ireland
Employees: 500+
Turnover: €210 million
Customer since: 2011
Website: www.corriboil.com
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goals

Corrib Oil decided to implement business intelligence in order to:

  • Bring all of its information from its separate shops and systems together so it could easily report on the state of its business as a whole.
  • Avoid the process of manually inputting information into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Speed up the process of reporting.

    Corrib Oil was founded in Ireland in 1987 and has developed a strong presence in the west of Ireland as well as in the midlands. There are two divisions of Corrib Oil: Corrib Distribution, which is a leading distributor of heating oil and road fuels in Ireland’s west and midlands, and Corrib Retail, which is a premier operator of 18 upscale convenience stores and service stations.

    Corrib Oil’s sites are typically in the top three grocery outlets in their local markets. The company provides upscale convenience offerings to customers, including fresh deli items, Insomnia coffee, fresh bakery items, everyday groceries, and wine and spirits. Corrib Oil has more than 115,000 customers participating in its rewards program