Access Inventory Data for Better Visibility into Wine Sales

Quick facts

Organization: A-to-Z Wineworks
Claimes to fame:
“Oregon Pinot Noir” has twice been named to Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines of the year “Oregon Pinot Gris” is a perennial Best Buy “Oregon Chardonnay” is America’s Best Selling Oregon Chardonnay.
Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Newberg, Oregon
Solution: Diver Platform and Sales Advisor

Defining Oregon wines

Founded in 2002 and situated in Newberg, Oregon at their REX HILL property, A-to-Z Wineworks (A-to-Z) is Oregon’s fastest growing winery. A-to-Z is driven by a single overarching mission to produce the highest quality Oregon wine for the greatest value. A-to-Z sets itself apart from competitors by concentrating on excellence and defining quintessential Oregon wines, using only grapes grown in the state. While renowned for their Pinot Noir, A-to-Z also grows and bottles Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling as Aristocratic Wines at Democratic Prices™.

Bringing sales reporting in-house

Over its eleven years of operation, A-to-Z has increased production from 2,500 cases to almost 300,000 cases through organic growth and acquisition. In response to this rapid growth, A-to-Z decided to bring their sales team in-house. Prior to 2010, A-to-Z had no direct data analysis capabilities and received somewhat dated reports from an outside contracted sales team. They recognized the growing need for timely data and a comprehensive view of their sales and distribution channels.

A-to-Z evaluated leading business intelligence (BI) products and chose Diver Platform® (Diver) as its new BI solution. Dimensional Insight’s extensive experience providing reporting, analytics, and data visualization platforms to the Alcoholic Beverage industry and its SaaS-based deployment option were key differentiators. Also, several members of the new in-house sales force were familiar with Diver.

In order to deploy a solution quickly and cost effectively, A-to-Z chose Dimensional Insight’s SaaS-based delivery option. With a convenient monthly subscription, SaaS- based deployment brought browser-based access to Diver’s reporting and analytical capabilities without requiring a server purchase or in-house IT support.

“Deploying Diver helped change perceptions. We now deal with data-driven facts instead of perceptions. Diver helps keep our sales team focused and on-track by letting them gauge progress against goals and sales targets.”

Julia Sargent

Operations Analyst, A-to-Z Wineworks

Business benefits

Once Diver was implemented, A-to-Z quickly realized the business value of their data. Julia Sargent, A-to-Z’s Operations Analyst, describes some of the benefits that A-to-Z has experienced since purchasing Diver. “Deploying Diver helped change perceptions. We now deal with data-driven facts instead of perceptions. Diver helps keep our sales team focused and on-track by letting them gauge progress against goals and sales targets.”

Asked about insights gained from using Diver, Sargent explained how their analysis of Retail Account Data (RAD) helped to clearly define a sales channel opportunity with on-premise national accounts. In 2013, A-to-Z hired an additional sales person with dedication to this on-premise channel.

A-to-Z maintains a distribution network across all 50 states as well as ships to several export markets including Canada, Japan, and the UK. Diver allows A-to-Z to track, analyze and report on distributor depletion rates, RAD, and distributor inventory levels. Sargent notes that “it’s easier to keep track of depletions and to view distributor performance in Diver. We see distributor performance easily and quickly, which enables us to make real time decisions. Also updated with Diver, each of our brands’ websites, and include a “Find Our Wine” section for consumers to query by city or zip code to locate our wines at restaurants or retailers.”

Mobile sales enablement

In 2012, A-to-Z also purchased and implemented Dimensional Insight’s Apple® iPad®-based Sales Advisor™ application. Sales Advisor is an information delivery and fact-based management and sales enablement application that fully leverages the iPad’s unique user experience. The application enhances the information delivery process, ensuring mobile users are given timely access to presentations, merchandising and promotional collateral, and sales and inventory metrics — anytime, anywhere.

A-to-Z’s national sales team uses Sales Advisor for remote access to RAD and depletion data, viewing marketing collateral, and presenting videos to customers and prospects. Useable with or without an internet connection, Sales Advisor keeps A-to-Z’s sales team focused and productive when traveling or visiting with customers.

In addition to the sales team, A-to-Z’s other key executives are also avid Diver users. “Diver is invaluable,” according to Sargent, “because users can dive down into detail
level data or just look at summary trends depending on what question they are trying to answer.” To find out how Dimensional Insight’s business intelligence platform, Diver, provides wineries and distributors with unprecedented visibility into sales and inventory data, visit: