3 Takeaways from the New England HIMSS Spring Conference

I recently attended the New England HIMSS Spring Conference, held at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. (home of the Super Bowl LI Champion New England Patriots – yeah!) The event focused on some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today. That includes the shift to value-based care, the complexity of healthcare, and patient engagement.

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What’s clear is that there is no shortage of work to do in healthcare IT in order to support organizational drivers such as improved outcomes and reduced costs. I walked away from the conference with a number of ideas and insights, and here, winnowed it down to my top 3 takeaways. (more…)

3 Takeaways from HIMSS17

We are back from a successful HIMSS17 show in Orlando. During the conference, I spent much of my time on the show floor, talking to leaders of various healthcare organizations. In addition, I attended many of the educational sessions that HIMSS offered at the event.

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In both the exhibition hall and the sessions, the themes that came through most clearly were excitement, optimism, and a certain sense of relief. Let’s take a look at how these themes came through in the various topics that generated the most buzz and the takeaways from HIMSS17. (more…)

First Impressions of HIMSS17

himss17HIMSS17 is underway, with more than 40,000 healthcare professionals converging on Orlando, Florida. With Day 1 of the conference now in the books, I wanted to share my first impressions of the show.

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Of course, Dimensional Insight is also exhibiting at the show (booth #3335) and we have some exciting new products that we are demoing to attendees. I’ll also share some details on that at the end of this post. (more…)

HIMSS16 Conference Recap Day 4 – Show Wraps Up

HIMSS16 logoYesterday was Day 4 of the HIMSS16 conference – it was the last day that the exhibition floor was open, and with the exception of some last education sessions and keynotes today (Dr. Jonah Berger and Peyton Manning), it’s time to call this show a wrap!

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I was able to attend a couple more education sessions yesterday on some interesting topics – data governance and healthcare innovation. Here are a few highlights from each… (more…)

HIMSS16 Conference Recap Day 3 – Getting into the Groove

HIMSS16 logoYesterday marked Day 3 of the HIMSS16 Conference in Las Vegas. It was a day when most of us got into the groove of the show and really settled in to get down to business, whether that be attending one of the many educational sessions, or visiting vendor booths, or providing demos at our booth.

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In between meetings that I had scheduled at the show, I was able to attend some educational sessions that addressed some really interesting areas – and you may even see a couple of future blog posts on some of these topics since they really got me thinking about “what’s next” in health IT! Today, I’ll focus on one session I attended that talked about the CIO and the CMIO. (more…)

HIMSS16 Conference Recap Day 2 – The Show Floor Is Open

HIMSS16 logoToday we are continuing our coverage of the HIMSS16 conference in Las Vegas. Yesterday, the show floor opened, and for a first-time show attendee such as myself, it was quite a sight to see! Here’s a quick look at some of the numbers:

  • Attendees: 40,000+
  • Exhibitors: 1,300+
  • Educational sessions: 300+
  • Floors at the Sands Expo: 5

As you can see, there is a lot happening here, and I am very aware that my blog posts will only scratch the surface of all the great things happening in health IT!

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HIMSS16 Conference Recap Day 1 – Pre-conference Agenda and Keynote

HIMSS16 logoThis week, Dimensional Insight is in Las Vegas for the HIMSS16 conference. This is the biggest conference of the year in the healthcare industry, and since many of our readers work at hospitals or health systems (or are otherwise in the industry), we decided to write about some of what’s going on at the conference all this week.

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While the exhibition hall officially opens today, yesterday was full of pre-conference activities (such as the CIO Forum) as well as the opening keynote addresses. What is already clear is that this year’s conference will focus a lot on moving from just implementing technology to making that technology do something – namely, better care for patients. To that end, there is a large focus on interoperability and population health. (more…)

Every Datum Tells a Story – Don’t It?

OK, let’s get the “big data thing” out of the way first. Healthcare data is already pretty big — and getting bigger all the time. The rise of personal health information, collected from electronic devices, coupled with increasingly detailed data from electronic health records maintained by health providers, has led to a universe of health-related data that already feels overwhelming. But we’re just getting started! Innovations related to the human genome and microbiome promise to push the boundaries of scale and complexity considerably further. The amount of data will be practically infinite relative to our ability to comprehend it. The real challenge of big data lies in digesting what we already have.

For all the advances in technology, the human mind will continue to be an important limiting factor: we can only deal with three to seven things simultaneously. As a workforce, our analytical skills are not keeping up with demand. Consulting firm McKinsey projects that by 2018 there will be a shortage of 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million analysts and managers. So where do we begin to even attack the data explosion problem? As with many daunting challenges, going back to basics is often a good start. Here are five approaches that provide a foundation for dealing with big data.

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