5 Ways to Get More Out of Data Visualization

By definition, data visualization is about showing information in a visual format. People often get overwhelmed when they see numbers on a spreadsheet or as text in a document.

Data visualization can do more than just show the information. It can contextualize the data and make it easier to understand. Businesspeople often ask themselves, “Why is data visualization important?” Some may even decide it’s not worth pursuing.

However, when done well, data visualization can unlock benefits that may be hard or impossible to achieve otherwise. Here are five things people can do to maximize the worthiness of data visualization. (more…)

A Cool Tool for Experimenting with Dashboard and Portal Color Schemes

Year after year, our web site visitors have shown a great deal of interest in an article I wrote about a tool that can be used to explore color combinations online – Adobe Color. Since I have never gone into detail about how to use the tool, I thought people might benefit from a short tutorial. So I am updating my original blog post for this month’s dashboard design article.

Tweet: A Cool Tool for Experimenting with Dashboard and Portal Color Schemes

For DivePort users who want to create a beautiful user interface that is both highly functional and visually appealing, color choice is an important factor. If selecting colors is not your forte and you need something other than what is available on your company’s color palette, you can use Adobe Color. Let’s take a look at how to use Adobe Color Creative Suite to find colors for your dashboards. (more…)

3 Integrated Steps of Business Intelligence – Step 3: Delivery


The 3 integrated steps of business intelligence deployment

While preparing for your business intelligence (BI) deployment, you’ve considered how you are going to collect and assemble your data. We’re two-thirds of the way there. Now comes the exciting part: delivery of data to users via reports, dashboards, and ad hoc analysis tools.

When you consider how data will be delivered to users, it’s important to consider their specific needs, which will likely be varied, depending on their roles in your organization.


A first consideration is information security. You won’t want every user to have access to every piece of data you are collecting. Someone on your warehouse floor won’t need the same information as your CFO. In addition, you need to think about securing data that a user might access remotely. (more…)

ColorCombos: Another Cool Color Tool

Color Combos logoOur last Dashboard Design 101 article introduced you to Adobe Kuler, which offers a way for you to mix and match color combinations to use in web or dashboard design.

This month, I’d like to introduce you to the ColorCombos site. This site has more color tools for website and dashboard interface designers. My favorite tool on the site is the Color Scheme Extraction Tool. It’s a great way to capture your company’s corporate colors from your own website.


Dashboard Visual Appeal | How to Create it for Your Dashboards

Screen capture of Game of Thrones Web Site Home Page

Figure 1: Take a screen capture of the home page to extrapolate colors.

Are you interested in “dressing up” your dashboard interface? One easy way to do so is to leverage the existing corporate look and feel of your own company. When you use your “Corporate Identity Standards,” you visually communicate to your users that the dashboard tool is important to the company, which can accelerate user adoption.

Your company’s graphic designer has probably already properly balanced the colors, fonts and graphics to create your existing corporate identity standards, so you won’t have to struggle with getting these things right. Let’s take a look at how to leverage them in a fast and easy way to make your dashboards look good.