Holiday Wish List for the Beverage Alcohol Industry

wish list2017 was a busy and tumultuous year for the beverage alcohol industry, especially those who were affected by the wildfires in California. This year also brought many company mergers and consolidations, continuing an ongoing trend in the industry.

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What’s clear as we head into 2018 is that technology and analytics are becoming even more important than ever, and it’s important for the beverage alcohol industry to adopt tools that will lead to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and more revenue. With that in mind (and since the holidays are on our minds), I created a holiday wish list for better business intelligence and analytics in the beverage alcohol industry. (more…)

How Program Management Can Help Capture More Revenue


What is one of the biggest challenges in the beverage alcohol industry? Program management – especially without the use of program tracking capabilities. Before technology, beverage alcohol organizations used spreadsheets as their tool-of-choice to manage programs. However, as programs increased in number and complexity, organizations spent more resources on program tracking and devoted less time to generating revenue. However, as technology has developed, program tracking can be done much easier and more efficiently than before.

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Now, it’s OND (October-November-December), a busy time of year for those in the beverage alcohol business. How can beverage alcohol organizations boost productivity, efficiency, and revenue? Here are 5 ways program management can help.


How to Increase Sales and Drive Revenue for OND

increase sales ond, woman in a wine storeDid you know that 60% of wine/spirits sales take place in OND (October-November-December)? For most of us, this time of year is all about upcoming holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holiday season. However, for those in the beverage alcohol industry, this time of year is extremely busy and important for driving revenue.

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Your organization will need all the right strategies and tools to capitalize on opportunities in Q4. Here are some tips on how to increase sales and drive revenue for OND.


How Wineries Can Invest their IT Dollars for Better Analytics and Job Creation

man working on laptop and a glass of wine on the tableWhen it comes to investing in technology in the wine industry, there’s a huge discrepancy in terms of money spent. A recent WBM Technology Survey by Wine Business Monthly magazine shows that while 90% of small wineries spend less than $50,000 per year on IT, more than half (54%) of large wineries spend more than $1 million.

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This obviously makes sense – wineries do what they can with the resources they have. What was striking, though, is that the majority of medium and large wineries had the same top IT issue, which is “providing better data to our trade sales team.” Better data can indeed produce a myriad of positive results – providing insight into areas such as finance and sales, and spurring company growth. In this blog post, we’ll look at how business intelligence solutions can help wineries – no matter what their revenue or the size of their IT budget – make better use of their data and gain the insights they need.


Honoring Women in the Wine & Spirits Industry

Wine and spirits wholesalers in the U.S. account for 74,000 jobs and $6.5 billion in wages. While it is a male-dominated industry, women are increasingly making their mark.

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To promote and connect women in the industry, the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association (WSWA) created the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) last year. This year, Dimensional Insight was proud to sponsor the group’s conference in Washington, DC. I attended on behalf of the company. Here are a few observations from the event.


5 Ways Your BI Platform Should Optimize Your Distributed Sales Channel

Cost-conscious consumers take advantage of instant access to pricing and item availability on their smartphones, often choosing the best bang for their buck over brand loyalty. To win and retain customers, companies are launching significantly more promotions and incentive programs. So how do you measure and analyze the effectiveness of these promotions?

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Distributed sales channels, such as those in the beverage alcohol industry, are more challenging than direct-to-consumer sales models because of the limited visibility suppliers have downstream. As sales models become more complex, the number of data sources that need to be integrated and analyzed exponentially increases. With the right business intelligence (BI) platform, you can overcome these hurdles. Here are five ways your BI platform should help you optimize your distributed sales channel. (more…)

How to Best Support Your Salespeople

The role of a salesperson is difficult. Salespeople are often challenged with less than perfect working environments, yet they are expected to excel without the tools office workers have at their disposal. In the office, workers have all the resources they need readily available: presentations, files, data, and experienced staff to help with department-specific answers to questions.

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But what about those whose jobs require them to “live” on the road? How can they most effectively do their jobs and gain access to the same tools that in-house office workers have? That’s what we’ll be examining in this blog post. (more…)

3 Takeaways from the WSWA 74th Annual Convention & Exposition

As many of you know, being out of the office for a few days for an event can throw you for a loop! After settling back in and catching up on emails, it’s important to reflect on the conference you recently returned from in order to understand the true value it brought to the company. For us, the WSWA 74th Annual Convention and Exposition, held in Orlando, Florida, was a great success. Our hospitality suite, Del Lago 3/4, had excellent foot traffic. We also saw a host of familiar customer faces as well as exciting new ones.

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In addition, we announced our newest applications, Program Advisor, Supplier Advisor, and Distributor Advisor, which were all well received. We also had a killer customer presentation from one of our close friends from Lipman Brothers, Susan Adkins. Here are some additional details on my takeaways from the event. (more…)

5 Reasons to Meet with Us at WSWA

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 74th Annual Convention & Exposition (WSWA) is just around the corner, and once again, our wine and spirits experts will be attending. This year, the convention will be held at the Grande Lakes Orlando on April 18-21.

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Dimensional Insight will be in Del Lago 3/4, a lower-level hospitality suite. If you are attending and are currently planning out your show floor route, here are 5 reasons why you should meet with us at the convention. (more…)

The Changing Role of Sales in a Connected World

Technology is a staple for personal and business purposes. It has driven consumerism globally as well as improved communication and collaboration. Mobile technology has specifically taken the business world by storm. Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever; this year, the total number of mobile phone users will rise to 4.77 billion.

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As we become more connected, mobile technology has shaped how business is conducted and how colleagues and employees work, collaborate, and communicate with each other. Physical location no longer limits business engagements, and employees can retrieve data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Today we will examine the changing role of the sales industry and how mobile technology has positively impacted the business world. (more…)