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If you’re a long-time Diver customer, chances are you know Mitch Nolan, who works in our Green Bay office. Mitch has worked with Dimensional Insight for more than 20 years now in a variety of roles from sales to customer support. He is that calm voice always helping our customers out to get the most out of their Diver deployments.

Today in our employee spotlight, we talk to Mitch to learn more about how he has grown with Dimensional Insight throughout the years and how he is always working towards customer success.  

What is your role at Dimensional Insight? What responsibilities does that role entail?

I currently do customer support through the sales team, primarily supporting our wine and spirits InterReport customers. I help coordinate tech support issues, maintain regular contact with the customers, and make sure that everything is working okay. I help schedule consulting when needed and I help with additional license purchases. Anything the customer needs, I help them get.

I know that your career didn’t begin in sales. What did you do before entering this field?

My degree is in communications. So before coming to Dimensional Insight, I did a couple of things. I managed a Blockbuster Video store for more than 10 years. I helped customers, managed employees, and was responsible for my stores inventory and revenue. Before that I hosted a sports talk radio show and was a control board operator at a radio station in Wichita, Kansas. My responsibility was to be entertaining while also making sure the programs and commercials ran properly. I also worked in production where I wrote, recorded, and published ads and marketing content.

Before that, I sold advertising for a radio station in Davenport, Iowa, where I was responsible for providing service to a large number of customers as well as working to bring in new advertisers. I also wrote and produced commercials for my customers while also doing a rock and roll oldies program on the air on Sunday mornings. Before that, I worked in production at a TV station in Davenport, Iowa, running Master Control as well as being a technical director and audio switcher for news programs, public service programs, and customer commercial production.

You’ve been part of the Dimensional Insight team for quite some time. How has the company and your roles within the company changed throughout the years?

I’ve worn a lot of different hats during my 21 years here. I first started out “dialing for dollars.” When the Green Bay office originally opened, our job was to sell stand-alone Diver. So we would get lists of customers and make phone calls every day and try to get customers for the original Diver (this was back in the late 90’s). Then I became an account specialist where I worked with a direct sales representative to do some administrative stuff, but always still helping the customer. Then when we developed Teamer (our collaboration tool), I did the internal user support. I added users to the system, did training sessions, and wrote up some training documents. Now it’s come full-circle and I’m back working with the sales team doing customer support.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Well it’s always great when our customers succeed at what they’re trying to do. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

Our sales and customer service teams both work hard to make sure that our customers succeed. Do you have any interesting customer stories that you would like to share?

One of our biggest customers is in the healthcare space – Lee Memorial Hospital in Florida. I was the one who did the original Diver demo at a tradeshow in Atlanta, probably in 2001. It’s cool to see how far the organization has come with its Diver implementation since then. Our current InterReport and wine and spirits customers mostly use Diver to do analysis of their sales and their inventory, but many of them are moving to new applications we have like Program Advisor or General Ledger Advisor which allow them to use Diver Platform to create programs in the industry that help them with their sales and inventory initiatives. As Dimensional Insight moves into new areas with the software, our customers are benefitting as well.

Tell us about the Green Bay office. What’s the culture like?

We’re a family.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

Probably the biggest thing is that I am the president of the Green Bay Blizzard Indoor Football team fan club. I enjoy going to indoor football games. I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2003. I’ve seen almost 200 games in the last 17 years. So in the spring I go to indoor football games. In the summer and fall I like to play golf. And the rest of the time is spent spoiling my four grandkids.

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