The typical salesperson spends 80% of his or her time out of the office. There are trade shows, customer visits, and of course, transit times to consider. I know a salesperson who spends fully 20% of his time either on a plane or waiting for a plane in an airport. And that’s why the mobile revolution has taken hold in our society. More and more workers need mobile, flexible solutions for how to get their jobs done. And, they need our support working this way.

We’ve largely done a good job of connecting on-the-go workers to each other — providing access to phone and email via mobile devices. But that’s not enough. Mobile workers also need to be connected to their data, with the ability to access the right information and the right person at the right time on the right device. Companies send salespeople out on the road and those salespeople must be able to do their job —right at the time they are selling. To better support this mobile sales force, let’s examine the basis for the resources they’ll need.

Trust of data

There is nothing like going into a meeting with a spreadsheet that you have spent a couple of hours on, and then everybody else walks in with the spreadsheets they have spent a couple of hours on. Consequently, you spend most of the meeting time trying to figure out whose numbers are correct — and very little time getting something accomplished. (Everybody loves meetings, right? Yeah.) My ideal is that when you go to a meeting, everybody has the same numbers. Then, you can do business, collaborate, and get business done faster.

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Rose Weinberger

Rose Weinberger

Rose is a senior marketing manager at Dimensional Insight. Prior to joining Dimensional Insight, she owned and operated a marketing communications company. Rose holds an MBA from Suffolk University.
Rose Weinberger