3 Obstacles Distributors Are Dodging with AnalyticsBurgeoning challenges naturally follow businesses. The question is, how do companies manage these challenges? Oftentimes, the data will tell us in which direction we should make a decision. Distributors that struggle with gathering their data to make their next move also fail to understand what areas of operation are causing them the most time and harm.

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In order to recognize these faults, distributors should lay down a foundation based upon data analysis and forecasting. Companies that do so find they are able to manage their existing business while also predicting new business. What is the secret to success for these companies? Here are three common obstacles that distributors are dodging by having their data do the hard work for them.

1. Managing the sales team

Being a salesperson isn’t easy. Managing a sales team can prove to be even more difficult. While having to shift between working in the office to working on the road, a major road block for many is not having data at the ready. In order to get their next deal, your sales team members must have access to the resources they would normally have at their desks. A job that requires this level of versatility needs a flexible technological backbone to support operations. Enabling the use of mobile technology puts your sales team on the front line of defense. With all of their data accessible conveniently at their fingertips, they are now able to create the link to easily analyze reports and do their job.

2. Keeping track of customer orders

While you’re managing your sales team, you’re also managing their client relationships. Do they have access to previous purchase history reports? Is the information accurate and meaningful? In a case study from Lipman Brothers, the company was struggling with knowing exactly who it was selling to and to what capacity.

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