5 Reasons to Meet with Us at WSWA 75

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5 Reasons to Meet with Us at WSWA 75The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 75th Annual Convention & Exposition will be held April 30-May 3 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It is the largest gathering of wine and spirits distributors in the U.S., and it is also attended by suppliers from around the world. Once again, Dimensional Insight will be there in the Pisa Suite, a lower-level hospitality suite.

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Are you planning to attend the show? Here are five reasons why you should pencil us in to your schedule.

1. Learn why the majority of distributors and suppliers use Diver Platform

We understand the complex nature of the beverage alcohol industry and the challenges distributors and suppliers face. As a leading provider of business intelligence and information delivery solutions for 30 years, we have enabled and empowered thousands of our customers with the information they need to improve their bottom lines.

Diver Platform handles big data from disparate sources and information to satisfy operational needs, converting this information into gained insights and measurable action. With Diver, our customers gain insights into their businesses, resulting in smarter decisions that improve productivity, enhance marketing and brand planning, increase sales, and drive revenue. For example, since 2006, Campari America has gained a competitive edge in the spirits industry and has seen a yearly payback time of four months in its Diver investment.

2. Preview applications that will help you keep pace with your business

Our game-changing applications, powered by Diver Platform, are designed to provide access to the right information on any device, PC or mobile, so organizations can make better data-driven and informed decisions. We will be providing demos of these products at the show:

  • Distributor Advisor: Sales people have a tough job accessing the information they need whether in the office or on the road. Distributor Advisor, now available on iPads, Windows-based tablets, and PCs, helps distributors improve efficiency and productivity through in-depth sales data analysis and insightful review of key performance indicator (KPI) sales metrics. It is currently being used by customers such as Mutual Distributing.
  • Supplier Advisor: In order to meet quotas and metrics, it’s important for sales teams to have access to the right information at the right time, on any device. Supplier Advisor offers the ability to improve sales teams’ productivity while reducing your selling costs through improved product and account management.
  • Pricing Advisor: Pricing is complicated, and it can be difficult managing pricing with hundreds of SKUs, product portfolios, and accounts. Pricing Advisor offers deal management and centralized pricing to help you optimize margins and profitability with greater insight and control.
  • Program Advisor: Program management, especially without the use of program tracking capabilities, is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Program Advisor helps businesses manage programs and other goal-oriented initiatives more profitably and efficiently. For example, Lipman Brothers uses Diver Platform and Program Advisor to manage reports, track customer orders, and gain insights into their operational needs.

3. Test drive our Spectre engine

Spectre is our big-data engine, which has been speeding up calcs for our beverage alcohol customers. Spectre uses a columnar database structure, which stores data in columns instead of rows. This places the information needed in close proximity to memory, producing results at lightning speed.  If you’d like to see Spectre in action, we will go head to head with any other solution on the market. We guarantee you will be impressed by the speed.

4. Learn about our unparalleled degree of expertise in beverage alcohol

We value our employees who understand the complexity of the beverage alcohol industry and the challenges organizations face. We’ve been in businesses for 30 years, and nearly all of that time we have focused on the beverage alcohol industry. We know this business better than anyone else and are continually innovating to help our beverage alcohol customers.

5. Attend an awesome speaker session

Dimensional Insight CEO Fred Powers and Consulting Director Mike Brockway will be hosting the workshop session, “Keeping Pace with Business Using Technology,” on Tuesday May 1st at 12pm in the Pisa Suite. Fred and Mike will discuss the impact that technology has had on our customers and the importance of speed in analytics. All attendees will automatically be entered into our raffle drawing for an Apple 10.5” iPad Pro 64 GB. Keep in mind, you must be present for the drawing, which we will hold at the end of the discussion.

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