3 Ways Measure Factory Will Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Product News

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This week, we announced the availability of Measure Factory, our new automation engine that is an add-on to Diver Platform. Our goal with Measure Factory is to help organizations make better data-driven decisions that ultimately benefit their finances, operations, patient care (in the case of hospitals), and more.

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Want to learn more about Measure Factory and how it can benefit your organization? Here are 3 things Measure Factory is designed to accomplish.

Data governance

For many organizations, the task of defining business rules or measures is tedious and often combative. As a recent survey of CIOs and CMIOs that we conducted revealed, more than two-thirds of respondents admitted to encountering discrepancies between measures across organizational departments. In fact, many data governance committees within organizations spend several months or years trying to come to agreement on just a small set of measures.

Measure Factory helps the data governance process by automating the creation of business rules and delivering a standard set of measures across the enterprise. This ensures that business rules are consistent, clearly defined, and well-documented.

Data integrity

Measure Factory helps ensure data integrity by allowing the standardized business rules and measures to be used throughout the organization. This means that no matter which department employees are in, or which role they have within the company, they can be sure that the numbers they’re looking at are the same numbers as someone else in the organization.

Data trust

As a result of governance and data integrity, users can trust the data they’re looking at. And this trust is critical in the decision-making process. As our CEO Fred Powers says, “Without trust, there is no point in having business intelligence.”

Want to learn more?

There’s a lot more to learn about Measure Factory. You can:


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