KLAS HC BI: Dimensional Insight Evolves as a Leader in Value

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Healthcare

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KLAS ReportThe KLAS Enterprise Healthcare BI 2016 report is out, and Dimensional Insight has once again fared exceptionally well in the research. Our company both posts leading scores and is considered a good value by our customers. As this is a report driven by customer feedback, it once again shows our customers are deriving results from our software.

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If you are looking through the report, here are three areas where Dimensional Insight stands out.

1. Money’s worth

Healthcare business intelligence has been around long enough now that hospitals are really demanding to see the value from their investments. While the report says that cross-industry vendors have generally not delivered on value, it’s worth noting that Dimensional Insight’s “money’s worth” score exceeds those of all the “healthcare specific” vendors listed in the report. Coupled with our high score on “driving tangible outcomes,” this suggests that our offerings are effective in driving outcomes improvement and providing customers with strong value.


2. Diver Platform 7.0 is a success for healthcare customers

The report specifically called out the success customers are seeing with Diver Platform 7.0, which includes our new Spectre technology. The report states,

Early adopters of the recent v.7.0 release note that the upgrade is a significant improvement. A director of IT shared, “We recently upgraded our system from v.6.4 to v.7.0. That was a very substantial upgrade that had a huge, positive impact on our system and users. It increased the storage capabilities significantly and made the software faster. In addition, the support was very smooth. Dimensional Insight did an excellent job of assisting us in installing this upgrade.” Another user noted that the strong functionality in the new version outpaces that of the larger cross-industry vendors’ systems.

3. Dimensional Insight posts year after year of strong scores

The normal course of action for many vendors is to start out strong when they are initially included in the report, but then have scores dip after a few years when users are really demanding to see a return on their investment. However, this isn’t the course that Dimensional Insight has taken. Since KLAS first unveiled the business intelligence report in 2009, Dimensional Insight has continually posted high scores. We are also a Best in KLAS winner for 5 of the last 6 years. Why? It all goes back to point #1. Customers are deriving value from Diver Platform and are improving outcomes.

If you are a KLAS customer, you can download this year’s Enterprise Healthcare BI report at https://klasresearch.com/report/enterprise-healthcare-bi-2016/1129.


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