4 Takeaways from Our Regional User Meetings

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regional-user-meetingsThis year, instead of having our one large Dimensional Insight Users Conference (DIUC), we decided to switch it up and host four smaller regional user meetings. The meetings provided us with a great opportunity to connect with nearly 200 Diver users in Orlando, Foxwoods (Connecticut), Napa, and Chicago.

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Each meeting had a slightly different flavor and feel to it, but all contained opportunities for users to learn from each other, as well as learn the latest on our new technologies such as our DiveTab mobile BI solution and our Spectre technology, which provides faster processing and ability to handle larger data sets.

Now that the regional user meetings are behind us, I’ve culled through my notes and determined four main takeaways from these events.

1. BI works best when it fits into the workflow, not adds to it

Oftentimes, when organizations implement business intelligence solutions, there is pushback from users who believe BI will add to their workflow. This is particularly true in hospital settings when you are talking about busy healthcare professionals who have far too much work, not the least of which is taking care of patients. In her presentation at our Chicago user meeting, Jessica Foy of EvergreenHealth discussed how her organization paid very careful attention to workflow during BI implementation. Evergreen’s Diver implementation is built into the workflow, rather than adding to it. This means happier doctors and nurses who are willing to engage with BI instead of run from it.

2. Small BI projects add up to BIG successes

In the past, we’ve discussed how an incremental approach to BI is best instead of trying to “boil the ocean” and do everything all at once. Several of our customers discussed how they are using this approach in their BI efforts. For example, Robin France of Athens Regional Health System presented at our Orlando meeting on 5 smaller projects her hospital implemented that yielded some pretty impressive results. This included better tracking readmissions and improving lab turnaround times.

In addition, Tracey Davidson and Colby Lutz of Western Maryland Health System discussed the amazing improvements their organization has made with BI during our Connecticut and Napa meetings. Initially, Western Maryland focused on a few key projects to improve readmissions and potentially preventable conditions. Once the hospital found success in these areas, it created new projects to further the positive results. The net result? A $1.5 million positive revenue swing and a #1 ranking in the state of Maryland on quality-based reimbursement metrics.

3. Data quality issues are a cool thing

Yes, you read that right! Unfortunately, the impact of bad data is enormous – it paralyzes organizations from making the right decisions. That’s why Aaron McMaster of Munson Healthcare said during our Chicago meeting that data quality issues excite him. During his presentation, Aaron talked about how Diver helps bring these issues to light. The result: once his team knows where the problems lie with the data, then they can act on them.

4. Our users LOVE to help other people

This was what struck me most during our regional meetings – how much our users love to help others in their organizations. During our Chicago user meeting, Alan Walker of Georgia Crown talked about how he loves to make people happy in their jobs. He talked about how Diver has simplified many processes across the organization. It has made a difference in everything from sales to inventory to finance to human resources. Other presenters all echoed that sentiment, whether it is using Diver to improve sales and make sales teams happy, or whether it is using Diver to improve patient care and make a difference in outcomes.

Looking forward to 2017

Next year, we will be back in Boston on June 5-8 for our main Dimensional Insight Users Conference (DIUC). We are already busy planning a fantastic agenda, filled with user presentations, company updates, and lots of opportunity for fun!

For more information, you can visit the DIUC section of our website. You can even register before the end of the year for a $200 discount. Hope to see you in Boston next year!

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