physician-performance-measurementLast week, I attended the Best Practices in Value-Based Care Conference in Dallas. This conference provided some key insights into how healthcare providers are navigating the move from volume-based to value-based care. It’s evident from the sessions and the discussions between attendees that the shift is certainly not an easy one.

In order to successfully navigate the road to value-based care, healthcare organizations must focus on achieving better patient outcomes. Many strategies that providers have employed have the physician at their core. This includes aligning physicians and hospitals across the continuum of care, utilizing evidence based practices to improve quality and patient safety, and improving efficiency.

Measuring and evaluating physician performance will be critical for assessing provider progress. It will also be important to identify major opportunities for quality and cost improvement. However, not all physician performance measurement solutions are created equal.

Requirements of a physician performance measurement solution

Forward-thinking hospitals want to address multiple objectives when evaluating a physician scorecard solution.

  • First, they want to automate the data collection, integration, and benchmarking process to deliver physician performance evaluations that meet The Joint Commission’s Ongoing Physician Performance Evaluation (OPPE) requirements and frequencies.
  • Second, they want to deliver actionable information to physician leadership to identify, quantify, and prioritize performance improvements.
  • Third, they want to share accurate and timely information with each physician. This will allow self-monitoring of performance and provide a means to engage the physician to drive necessary changes.

Any solution must support a healthcare organization’s transformational strategies. If you adopt the wrong solution, you risk not being able to leverage your physicians’ performance information to pinpoint best practices, improve cost efficiencies, and identify quality improvement opportunities.

When you are evaluating physician scorecard solutions, there are 8 requirements to keep in mind. Download our free executive brief, “8 Things You Need to Know When Evaluating a Physician Scorecard Solution.” This brief will help you sort through the key requirements, whether you’re building your own solution or evaluating packaged offerings such as our Physician Performance Advisor.

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