Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Sandeep Chandila

by | May 5, 2016 | General BI

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sandeep chandilaHere at Dimensional Insight, we pride ourselves on our people, which is why every few months we are profiling an employee who helps our customers get the most out of their BI implementations.

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Today, we would like to introduce Sandeep Chandila. Sandeep works at our Florida office and was named that office’s “Consultant of the Year” in 2015. Learn more about Sandeep and how he helps our clients succeed with their business intelligence implementations.

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your role at Dimensional Insight?

I am a software consultant here at Dimensional Insight. I have been working here for three years now, heading into my fourth year. I finished my Masters of Science in Management Information Systems from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. As I got closer to earning my degree, I had made up my mind about in what direction I wanted to launch my career – business intelligence. When I got the call from Dimensional Insight, I immediately accepted. I am thrilled to work for an amazing company whose tools are easy to use and are more powerful than others.

What types of clients do you work with and what do you enjoy most about them?

I primarily work with wine and beverage distribution clients, but I also work on some projects with healthcare clients. I love the challenge of understanding different data sets from different business types. Once I plug in the business rules for any client, it is a great feeling to see their data make sense in our software.

What is the most innovative way you’ve seen clients using Diver?

Diver is such a powerful tool. Clients are able to dive into different dimensions and granular data to see the detailed information on important matters such as sales of a product in a specific store. They can use this information to pinpoint specific areas of their business that they can improve upon. Users can also look at the date or time period in which they experience high sales, and then use that information to predict future sales spikes. In this way, Diver is quite incredible and useful.

What makes Diver so much more powerful than other solutions?

With other BI solutions, we need to first configure the hierarchies as if we are pretty much creating an ERD diagram for a database as it needs a pre-specified relation to be able to dive on dimensions. However, in Diver, that’s not required. All you need to do is specify what a dimension is and its information and the rest is smooth sailing. This opens up endless possibilities and pretty much makes everything diveable.

What is one of the biggest challenges you face with clients?

Business rules can make or break a software tool. Usually we get a list of business rules from the customer at the outset of the engagement. Oftentimes there are specific government guidelines that dictate many of the business rules (such as with healthcare), as well as additional business rules that are organization-specific if there are certain ways that the organization wants to track some of the measures.

Standard business rules are built into our product. With specialized business rules, we consult with the client to get their understanding of them and how they would be used. After this, we write the business rules with the client in order to give us the correct data.

Do you have any outside interests?

Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar, and Muay Thai (kickboxing)!

Thanks for your time, Sandeep! If you have any questions for Sandeep about his work with our customers, let us know in the comments section below.

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