3 Gifts to Boost Wine and Spirits Sales this Holiday Season

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Wine & Spirits

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wine and spiritsHere at Dimensional Insight, we realize that the holiday season means something a little different to everyone. Some might look at December as a time for holiday festivities involving excessive or not enough gift giving, fun and/or awkward dinners with in-laws, and more holiday music than any sane person can possibly tolerate.

However, if you are working in the beverage alcohol industry, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, as it’s a major determinant of whether or not your year is going to be a success. With OND (October-November-December) representing on average 60% or more of your sales, it is an important revenue driver for everyone in the industry. Accordingly, your company will pull out all the stops to capitalize on the opportunities unique to the 4th quarter of the year, with pricing, promotions, and increased marketing and sales activities being foremost among revenue maximization strategies.

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Unfortunately, due to the complexity that comes with that, it can be difficult to forecast and analyze the results of your ramped up efforts. Data from all three tiers of the industry is essential to evaluating your decisions.

  • How effective are your holiday promotions?
  • What pricing strategy will drive more sales and greater profits for your company?
  • Which sales reps are hitting their numbers and which reps aren’t?

However, tying together the data from different sources can be difficult and insuring that you make it actionable is even harder. This can prevent you from making the most of your holiday season. So, what can you do to achieve your holiday goals?

How business intelligence can help

In our infographic below, we have described three ways that a business intelligence tool can help you to overcome the challenges of the holiday season and boost your year-end sales. Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

And from all of us at Dimensional Insight, happy holidays, and best wishes for a prosperous (and profitable!) 2016.

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