3 Steps on the Path to Performance Improvement with Analytics

by | Oct 8, 2015 | General BI

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In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of collaboration between IT and business leaders when it comes to analytics, and 5 fast facts about how a unified approach to analytics helps improve the business.

Those companies that are defined as “Best-in-Class” in new research by Aberdeen are those that excel in 3 critical areas:

  • Data relevance & availability: They are able to draw out the most critical information to make decisions and make it accessible to business users.
  • Portability of information: They are able to share information across business functions to drive analytics success.
  • Self-sufficiency of business users: Business users can engage with self-service analytics without deep technical expertise.

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These companies have a strong collaborative relationship between IT and business users, in which IT simplifies and accelerates access to data, and business users focus on analyzing the data to make the right business decisions. As a result of this collaboration, these organizations have achieved more organic revenue growth and a greater increase in operating profit than others.

Best-in-class companies are nearly 55% more likely than other companies to have organic revenue growth. (Tweet this.)

Progression on the path to performance improvement

The research shows that best-in-class companies are committed to organizational maturity. They put the right oversight in place while still allowing information to be shared across different functions. This allows users to be more interactive with their data.

Learn more in this new report from Aberdeen, “Analytical Teamwork at Its Finest: Line-of-Business and IT Unified”, which shows 3 steps on the path to performance improvement with analytics. Learn about the benefits of a partnership between IT and line-of-business users that impacts not only your organization’s decision-making ability, but also more importantly, your bottom line.

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