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Revenue collection and management have become an increasingly challenging task because of several factors including the shift toward value-based care, hospital mergers, and multiple technology systems. Hospitals find it hard to navigate the many streams of data, especially when many of these systems don’t handle data fields in the same way.

Revenue cycle management challenges

Need a flexible analytics solution to help you identify potential process problems? We can help.

What hospitals need is a consolidated view of the entire revenue cycle. This will provide them with data quality, which will make it easier to spot claims issues (such as coding inefficiencies) that might otherwise fall through the cracks. In addition, it will enable hospitals to better understand areas such as total patient costs and it will streamline an organization’s infrastructure.

Diver Platform provides a revenue cycle analytics solution, combining financial information from disparate sources along the value chain into an easy-to-use dashboard. Diver is Dimensional Insight’s flexible system-wide data management and analytics platform. Diver has the tools and capabilities to collect data from disparate sources, monitor revenue cycle, and increase the speed of billing collection and submission processes. With Diver, your organization will be empowered to monitor KPIs and make the patient pay process easier while delivering better results, reducing the organization’s bottom line, and increasing profits.

Key Features of Diver:

  • Rapid data integration—Move your data from isolated silos into one manageable location with our powerful ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tool to provide an all-encompassing view of your financial situation.
  • Meaningful visualization—Create intuitive dashboards that allow for both broad and drilled-down analysis of your revenue stream.
  • Timely improvement—Streamline the financial reporting process with our powerful data engine. Use up-to-date information to make ad-hoc reports that impact your bottom line without waiting for IT.

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