Predictive Analytics

Your data can tell you more than what happened in the past. Gain insights into the future with Diver Platform®.

Predictive analytics, done right, can connect data points throughout the healthcare cycle and deliver insights that go far beyond the capability and speed of the human mind to process on its own.

Healthcare organizations can benefit across the enterprise, with massive opportunities to cut waste and to proactively provide services to patients before they need more costly interventions.

Examples of Predictive Analytics in Hospitals


– Patient throughput and capacity

– Optimal staffing, workflows, and logistics


– Reduce readmissions

– Prevent hospital-acquired infections


– Reduce risk by predicting propensity to pay and no shows

Population Health

– Interventions for chronic diseases and substance abuse

Your predictions are only as good as your data.

The starting point for predictive analytics is solid and trustworthy data. Diver Platform’s® ETL, combined with a thorough validation process can deliver clean, reliable data from the start, setting you up to deploy effective predictive analytics.

Data integration for machine learning

With a few steps, you can integrate Diver with R, a widely used and robust statistical computing language. Using R, in combination with solid and valid data, allows insight into trends, seasonal variations, “out of control” processes using any number of statistical analysis deemed relevant. With those insights from the past, predictions into the future can be suggested.

Development Partnership

Dimensional Insight is exploring opportunities to implement predictive capabilities for healthcare organizations through Diver. We are working with Ventana Systems, a company with deep MIT roots and over 30 years of experience delivering predictive solutions.

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