Information is truly powerful with InfoKit. It keeps you and your user communities inside and out informed with the information they want and need to increase productivity and revenue.

InfoKit™ is a digital content engagement platform customizable to serve the needs of your user communities inside and out. InfoKit, built on Dimensional Insight’s DiveTab™ mobile platform can be tailored to act as your Partner Relation Management (PRM), or as a customer/employee engagement platform. Seems like a tall order, but it’s true.

In today’s fast-paced world, people need to consume and share information fast. And, people waiting for information—especially potential buyers are extremely fickle. If you can’t give them what they want, they are off to the next person. InfoKit is a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to consume and share information quickly from an array of devices, and from anywhere.

PDFs, images, videos—any kind of content you need—is readily available no matter where you are with InfoKit. How does it work?



  • On iPhone®, iPad®, or Windows®-based tablet
  • View, sync, save, share, and print
  • Send PDFs via email or download them directly to your device


  • Easy access to images
  • Drag & drop, sync
  • Images are instantly available


Infokit video distribution stands out as a safe and secure way to share proprietary videos to only the users that need to see them.

Let’s face it. To compete and win in business today, you need to have a lot of information. In fact, you need so much information that most people couldn’t possibly know, recite and utilize all that they need for their jobs.

We haven’t become walking encyclopedias—we’ve become great researchers, curators, and historians. (And may the best archivist win!) It can be frustrating for most of us when all this information comes in a wide variety of formats and interfaces.

What can you do to maximize your access to information and keep up with your competitors?

Luckily for savvy business people, InfoKit provides the ability to access all kinds of content on multiple devices! Presentations, PDFs, images, videos—any kind of content you need—is readily available no matter where you are.

How does it work?

InfoKit is set up by your IT department with Workbench® and users can access everything in their InfoKit (access rights included) on a variety of devices using the InfoKit client. It’s powerful, fast, and easy to use.

Sharing PDF Documents

  • Use InfoKit with PDF documents on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Windows®-based tablet. With InfoKit, you can view, sync, save, share, and print PDFs on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Windows®-based tablet.
  • InfoKit can be downloaded from the Apple Store.
  • You can send PDF documents via email or download them directly to your iPhone®, iPad®, or Windows®-based tablet computer. Use the PC version of InfoKit and download PDFs to your PC computer.
  • PDFs can be stored in InfoKit as Presentations or in a Repository.
PDF Presentations

The advantage of PDF Presentations in InfoKit is its unique navigation functionality. Users enjoy free-form navigation and can jump to virtually any point in a PDF presentation instead of being bound by the linear navigation of most PDF viewing applications.

Repository of PDFs

The advantage of storing your PDFs in a Repository on InfoKit is the ability to store large volumes of PDFs without using up valuable drive storage space. PDFs remain right at your fingertips for whenever they are needed and can be downloaded and viewed whenever the device is connected to the internet.

Sharing Images

Do you rely on images to tell a story for your job? Many workers do. Perhaps you are a salesperson negotiating a deal and need chart-based information. You could be a distribution professional that relies on product photography to identify, sort and promote items.

Regardless of the situation, InfoKit makes access to images easy. Just drag and drop images to their repository access point via Workbench®, sync your Infokit device, and voila! Images are instantly available to your Infokit users all over the world.

Video Distribution

Video use has expanded exponentially in recent years. There are many ways to distribute videos. InfoKit video distribution stands out as a safe and secure way to share proprietary videos to only the users that need to see them.

There are 2 ways that InfoKit users can access videos. Buttons on InfoKit can point to a link hosting a video URL for automatic streaming. Or, for times when videos must be viewed offline, video files can be accessed through a repository.

The repository items—whether they are videos, PDFs, or images—can be marked for download during a sync. Once the item is unmarked, the downloaded item is removed from the user device at the next sync.

InfoKit can be used for Sales Engagement, Patient Engagement, and Employee Engagement.

Because InfoKit is all about transparency and the sharing of information, it shines is several engagement activities.

Sales Engagement

InfoKit helps sales professionals communicate effectively with prospects and customers. It bridges the gap between initial contact with a prospect and acquiring a sales-qualified lead. InfoKit provides improved sales engagement. It goes beyond simple prospect outreach. It enables efficient, effective and high-quality one-on-one interactions. And, unlike other sales engagement platforms, InfoKit does not rely on an internet connection — content can be accessed wherever salespeople go, both connected and disconnected from the Internet. With sales engagement that is this flexible, your sales team has the potential to generate more sales.

Patient and Employee Engagement

Just as InfoKit provides sharing information within a sales/prospect relationship, it also provides sharing information in caretaker/patient relationship. When patients take part in the understand of their health and health care, it is statistically known that they will have better outcomes. And just as patients benefit from involvement in their own health, employees and employers too benefit when employees are more involved in the comings and goings of their company. InfoKit is simply a great way to share content for the betterment of all.

Key product features for information consumers and sharers:

  • Converts a PowerPoint presentation into a tabular linked carousel enabling users whether consuming or sharing go to topics of interest
  • With a simple sync click, information is refreshed ensuring that the latest content is consumed or shared
  • Export, email and/or print information from InfoKit’s interface
  • Link to favorite sites like a company website, Google, go-to-Meeting from InfoKit’s interface

Key product features for information developers and managers:

  • Information management by type/topic
  • Centralized housing for information including presentations, documents (word, excel, etc.), PDFs, and video
  • Customizable information homepage
  • Homepage screen can be customized based a user community with specific topic icons
  • Store information using main menus, submenus and/or repositories
  • Obtain usage reports by user and content consumption
  • Define user-specific security information access
  • Unlimited file access and storage – no additional fees
  • Information governance of what is shared and distributed by user group
  • Library of information icons which can be color branded
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance