Physician Performance Advisor

Clinical practice patterns are driving your performance.

Do you know where to look to improve quality and cost containment goals? Physician Performance Advisor provides a consolidated view of physician performance. Users have the ability to “dive down” into patient encounter level data and comparative benchmarks.


Bring KPIs into one application

Enable administrators and physician leadership to measure and evaluate physician performance from a single, integrated web application. Using intuitive dashboards users can dive into detail on-the-fly.

Align physicians with Leadership

Provide physicians with self-service access to in-depth performance data so they can benchmark themselves against peers and understand how their practice patterns impact quality and cost containment goals.

Identify areas for improvement

Provides management the ability to analyze cost, length of stay, and readmissions improvement opportunities in aggregate as well as by facility, specialty, practice group, and individual physician.

The key to change is physician engagement

Engaging physicians early on in improvement discussions is key; but in order to do this effectively hospital leadership needs the flexibility to share the business rules and logic that comprise top-level performance views. See how Physician Performance Advisor helps bridge the gap by facilitating a conversation rooted in data.

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Monitor and evaluate
physician performance

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Physician Performance Advisor allows you to select a measure and dive into the underlying data.

Improving Care Delivery with Physician Performance Advisor

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