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Physician Performance Advisor™

Clinical practice patterns are driving your performance.

Do you know where to look to improve quality while maintaining cost containment goals? Furthermore, can you save time and resources on complying with the Joint Commission’s Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) requirements? Physician Performance Advisor, powered by the award-winning Diver Platform™ can help. Most of all, it provides a consolidated view of physician performance. It also enables you to achieve compliance, improve practice patterns, and motivate physicians to excel.


Bring KPIs into one application

First of all, Physician Performance Advisor pulls all of your key performance indicators into a single application. This means that your administrators and physicians both use the same single application for evaluations. As a result, everyone can “dive down” into patient data and benchmarks to identify areas for improvement. As a result, this environment improves decision making consensus.


Align physicians with leadership

In addition to providing a single application, Physician Performance Advisor also allows you to provide physicians with self-service access to in-depth performance data. This means physicians can benchmark themselves against their peers. Since physicians see data firsthand, they better understand how their practice patterns impact quality and cost containment goals. Finally, leadership is able to engage physicians in evidence-based discussions.


Meet compliance requirements

Physician Performance Advisor transforms a cumbersome, paper-based compliance process into a streamlined, electronic process. You too can save time, money, and resources when it comes to complying with the Joint Commission’s OPPE requirements. Use Physician Performance Advisor to monitor physician performance with 360-degree assessments of activity across multiple care settings and performance criteria.

The key to change is physician engagement

In summary, engaging physicians early on in improvement discussions is key. Because of this, hospital leadership needs the flexibility to share the business rules and logic that comprise top-level performance views. So see how Physician Performance Advisor helps provide this flexibility by bridging the gap and facilitating a conversation rooted in data.

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