GL Advisor™ for Healthcare

Investigate financial data without needing detective skills.
Investigate financial data without needing detective skills.
Minimize your reliance on IT support for data extraction and report generation by automatically bringing your financial data together from stand-alone accounting systems, payroll, time and attendance systems, and more. General Ledger Advisor, powered by the award-winning Diver Platform, provides revenue and expense analysis, enabling healthcare leaders to access the data necessary to manage costs, increase cash flow, optimize revenue cycle management, and improve efficiency.

Governed Data Discovery

Give managers the ability to investigate financial data with integrity and confidence. Quickly access transactional data behind GL entries. Analyze costs and revenue data to improve healthcare expense management and profitability.

Secure, Role-Based Access

Role-based privileges ensure that the right people have access to the right information. Access privileges to sensitive data are completely customizable by department, reporting structure, user, or role.

Answer Your Own Questions

Dashboards and embedded analytics provide at-a-glance comparisons between budget and actual figures. Access any available detail, including accounts payable, materials management, and GL line items, even if data is sourced from dissimilar systems.

Integration for Optimized Performance

GL Advisor’s multifaceted software integrates the general ledger with budgetary and forecasting programs. This enables you to to analyze revenues and expenses at a summary, department, or transaction level. Dashboards are quickly updated, delivering key comparisons to allow healthcare leaders to expediently pinpoint positive and negative performance variances. Enhanced visibility into key metrics, revenues, and expenses provides healthcare administrators and staff with the information needed to reduce costs, increase revenue, optimize the revenue cycle process, and improve efficiency.

Self-Service in Revenue and Expense Management

Healthcare administrators and staff no longer have to arduously combine disparate data sources into spreadsheets in an ad hoc manner, resulting in data prone to errors and inconsistencies. With access to integrated data, you’ll make forensic finance look like a walk in the park. Find deviations from the budget, flex budget, forecasts, or other benchmarks. Uncover headcount inefficiencies and cost overruns with just a few clicks and no additional discussion with IT. Put the enterprise technology of Diver Platform to work for your organization.

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