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DI Physician
Performance Advisor

Physician clinical practice patterns are the prime determinants of the quality, safety, costs, and satisfaction experienced during a patient's hospital care. Comprehensive and timely physician performance measurement is necessary to not only meet Ongoing Physician Performance Evaluation (OPPE) mandates but to align physician behavior to propel quality and cost improvements.

DI Physician Performance Advisor™ is a web-based, analytics solution that automates the creation of physician performance profiles. DI Physician Performance Advisor:

  • Enables hospital administrators and physician leadership to measure and evaluate physician performance from a single, integrated application source.
  • Provides physicians with self-service access to in-depth performance data within an intuitive dashboard format.
  • Gives hospital management the ability to analyze cost, length of stay, and readmissions improvement opportunities in aggregate as well as by facility, specialty, practice group, and individual physician.

DI Physician Performance Advisor's administrative portal helps hospital leadership quickly navigate through large data volumes to get a complete view of a physician's performance. It also aggregates physician performance information so management can understand how physician performance affects overall hospital performance. Learn more.

DI Physician Performance Advisor's physician environment provides physician users with a consolidated view of their performance information, including drill down capability to the patient encounter level and comparative benchmarks. Learn more.

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