DI Surgery Advisor

Manage Operating
Room Facilities to Peak
Operating Levels

DI Surgery Advisor helps OR directors and administrators measure, monitor, and manage the operational performance of surgical facilities and surgeons practicing at those facilities through timely access to key efficiency, and utilization, and quality metrics.


DI Surgery Advisor visual dashboards display the key factors impacting operating room performance in a concise format. OR managers can access up-to-date surgical case data to quickly identify problems and dive into the details to gain insights for improvement opportunities.

Built on Dimensional Insight's Best-in-KLAS award-winning The Diver Solution, this purpose-built application enables OR administrators to:

  • Analyze and compare practice patterns on utilization, efficiency, costs, and outcomes among individual surgeons, services, and facilities.
  • Compare and contrast individual surgeon, specialty groups, and services performance trends to reveal best practices and improvement opportunities.
  • Examine and analyze case volumes, room turnover, and late starts & delays to boost OR efficiency.
  • Track room/facility and block utilization to improve OR utilization.
  • Take advantage of costs information down to the case level to identify ways to better manage costs and maximize revenue capture.
Learn how DI Surgery Advisor can help you maximize the performance of your ORs.

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