North American Partners of Dimensional Insight

Whatever the nature of your business, partnering with Dimensional Insight delivers value for both you and your customers. Typically, our North American partners are drawn from the following sectors:

Software Vendors & Original Equipment Manufacturers:

Here, our partners either private-label our technology to make it a seamless part of their own solution, or provide our software as an add-on component. You can:

  • Generate additional revenue by providing your customers with a powerful add-on analytics module.
  • Win more deals against your competitors by providing a higher-value, more complete solution.
  • Grow your product’s footprint cost-effectively.
  • Leverage our extensive experience in business intelligence.

Management Consultants:

Our solution enables you to expand your practice and deliver results to your customers more effectively. You can use our solution to power your consulting practice and deliver insights faster. For example, quickly feed your client’s operational data into our software. Then, you’ll have tremendous flexibility to explore that data whichever way you choose. You’ll grow your business by delivering more insights into your clients operations, creating additional consulting opportunities. Your clients will be delighted that you can provide insights and add value to their business so rapidly.

Systems Integrators:

Two outstanding reasons make Dimensional Insight an ideal choice for systems integrators. Firstly, our solution provides the flexibility to access any data source—relational databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2; legacy data systems such as VSAM; or any flat file such as a CSV, text file, or batch extract. Secondly, we enable you to rapidly develop and deploy a totally customized solution to fit any requirements—for example, sales and marketing, quality assurance, staff productivity, supply chain. Dimensional Insight provides you with a flexible, cost-effective solution for business intelligence in your integration projects.

Looking for Dimensional Insight Partners outside the United States?

Check out our directory of International Partners.

North American Partner Support

For more information about becoming one of Dimensional Insight’s partners in the United States of America, please contact our Vice President of Channel Sales, Corinne Federici.

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