Events Where You Will Find Dimensional Insight in 2017

As industry experts in business intelligence and analytics, we like to stay active throughout the community. Here are the events we will be participating in during 2017. Mark your calendar then stop by an event to chat, watch a demo, or engage with a business intelligence expert.

 2017 Events Start Date End Date Booth #
Muse Executive Institute, Newport Coast, CA 1/15/2017 1/17/2017
HIMSS, Orlando, FL

2/19/2017 2/23/2017 3335
HISTalk Webinar March TBA March TBA
WSWA, Orlando, FL 4/18/2017 4/21/2017  Del Lago 3/4
CHUG at Centricity LIVE, Boston, MA 5/17/2017 5/20/2017
Most Powerful Women in HC IT, Boston, MA 5/17/2017 5/17/2017
NABCA, Marco Island, FL 5/22/2017 5/25/2017
MUSE International Conference, Dallas, TX 5/30/2017 6/2/2017 822
DIUC17, Boston, MA 6/5/2017 6/8/2017  –
Dresner Real Business Intelligence, Cambridge, MA 7/11/2017 7/12/2017
Cerner Corporation 2017 Annual Health Conference, Kansas City, MO 10/9/2017 10/12/2017
Marcus Evans TBA TBA
HIMSS South Florida TBA TBA  
IHI 29th Annual National Forum, Orlando, FL 12/10/2017 12/13/2017