A complete BI platform means you've got all the right tools in your toolkit.

From deep, cross enterprise integration to role-based dashboards — we’ve got what you need to build and deploy better BI.

Answer your own questions with interactive displays and guided analytics

It’s about time BI software worked the way you think. Each metric, gauge and indicator is live, allowing you to dive into detail — so you can answer the-question-behind-the-question without having to submit a ticket to IT for another report or data pull. Dive deep into your data through our embedded analytics client, ProDiver, or access information from the comfort and familiarity of Microsoft Excel®.

Stay out of hot water with built-in business rules management

We know BI is more than fancy charts and graphs. So, what makes that information measurable, useful and actionable? Business rules. And your business has thousands of them. We provide a scalable framework to capture and apply the business rules that matter to your project, department, division or entire organization. This means your thresholds are captured, alerts are sent to the right people at the right time, and exceptions are called out before they become problems.

Data warehouses need not apply. Integrate data from any source.

The Diver Solution’s™ unique methodology does not require the additional expense of creating a data warehouse, or the licensing overhead associated with an underlying database. Our integrated ETL tool provides quick and easy access to a any data source imaginable (ERP, CRM, EHR and any operational system, flat files, Excel and more). Centralized production and developer tools ensure your BI developers have everything they need to create custom BI apps.




Sometimes harnessing the full power of business intelligence requires on-the-fly data capture. The Diver Solution supports the development of industry and customized business applications through flexible data input and capture technology.



Big Data Ready &
Wicked Fast

Our unique data Model and use of in-memory technology explains why our users experience fast response times, regardless of underlying data volumes. Our proprietary Spectre™ technology allows organizations to handle large data sets with unprecedented speed.



Flexible Deployment Options

Our platform is available on-premise, on-demand or as an appliance. Whatever your infrastructure requirement, we have deployment and pricing options to meet your business size and needs.



Learn More About The Diver Solution

The Diver Solution is the foundation for Dimensional Insight’s BI platform, custom BI solutions, and purpose-built applications. Learn more about Diver technology and how it is uniquely designed for building and deploying BI solutions, dashboards, and reporting and analytic applications.

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