Diver Platform™

Information is key. Dimensional Insight’s award-winning Diver Platform helps you get the information you need in a format you can understand.


Data Integration Made Easy

The complex nature of business today means that organizations often employ many disparate sources to capture the data they need. Assembling that data into a single actionable format is difficult, costly, and time-consuming, preventing key decisions from being made in a timely fashion. Diver’s enterprise data management software solves this problem.

Diver’s flexible end-to-end enterprise-wide reporting and analytics provide all of the components needed to implement and deploy actionable, role-based business intelligence across your organization. Diver’s world-class quality enterprise solutions make data integration easy. It gives all stakeholders a complete understanding of the data, enabling you to identify insights and transform those insights into measurable actions.


Data Integration That Provides Optimum Performance

Diver begins with Integrator, Dimensional Insight’s advanced ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software, which integrates data from multiple sources and in multiple formats.

Prepared data is then processed by one of two multidimensional engines:

  • The Spectre engine accesses large volumes of data in memory using a columnar database (cBase) structure. Each request is compiled and executed in memory for optimum performance.
  • The Model engine uses Dimensional Insight’s patented cross-indexing technology to produce a database designed for quick access to summarized information, with the complete underlying detail always available.

A single Diver application can contain multiple Models and/or cBases. Using either engine, Diver is unique in its ability to allow users to dive in any direction they wish without the limitations of preset drill paths or hierarchical constraints found in conventional OLAP tools. Diving is a simple point-and-click operation: No SQL queries, scripting, or programming are required to explore and analyze data. Data management software has never been so versatile.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Simplified

Because of its unique design, Diver outperforms other data management software products. Diver’s unique methodology does not require the additional expense of creating a data warehouse or the licensing overhead associated with an underlying database. Because Diver’s Models integrate data from any number of disparate sources, users are able to compare, for example, data collected from transactional systems with information in the data warehouse and legacy data sources or spreadsheets and flat files. Dimensional Insight’s unique data Model and strategic use of in-memory technology explains why Diver users experience consistently fast response times, regardless of underlying data volumes.

Diver enables us to get information into the right hands at the right time and do so more quickly and cost-effectively than could other business intelligence solutions we considered.”

William Byers

Chief Technology Officer, healthcare industry

Being able to display information that instantly leads the user to a conclusion is very powerful.”

Jim Staton

Vice President, Information Technology/Mutual Distributing, beverage alcohol industry

Powerful Data Analysis Software

  • No SQL queries or scripting required to explore and analyze your data
  • Multiple clients: Web-based, standalone, and MS Excel add-ins
  • Search, filter, sort, group, and export data from any client
  • Dozens of chart types and options help you uncover hidden trends and patterns
  • Google Maps and Open Maps both supported
  • Rich set of built-in functions including string, math, statistical, and logical

Dashboard Capabilities

  • Drill down to additional detail data from any dashboard indicator
  • Identify, define, and develop metrics that meet project, departmental, or organizational information requirements.
  • Quickly develop and deploy dashboards appropriate to each user’s job role and information requirements
  • Download dashboard metrics, charts, and data to MS Excel, PowerPoint, or Adobe PDF documents

Admin and Security

  • Flexible authentication options: Own, System, LDAP, and DLCGI
  • Data authorization via Access Control Lists
  • Multiple security levels and data encryption options
  • Access control at the data model or field level

Data Integration

Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool provides quick and easy access to a multitude of data sources:

  • Transactional databases
  • Flat files
  • ODBC-compliant databases
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Wide range of proprietary data formats such as ERP, EHR, and operational systems

Put Diver’s data management software to work for you!