DI Measure Factory

Producing Consistent and Timely Measurements to Achieve Business Goals

The strategic goals defined by management in healthcare organizations are selected to drive continuous improvement, both operationally and financially. However, in order to declare victory, managers must define specific measurable targets that reflect the desired progress toward each strategic goal. The Measure Factory builds on the core Diver Platform to provide healthcare organizations the ability to define, manage, and track these measures over time and across the organization.


Business Performance Management Software Reports Made Clearer

It’s not enough to have access to business intelligence reports. When users build their own analyses from transactional source data, meetings are spent arguing about the resulting numbers rather than making progress toward strategic goals.

The integration of business rules and the business intelligence reporting tool are paramount to your organization’s success. Managers and executives must work together to articulate and govern the business rules surrounding each measure, and those business rules must be tightly integrated with the business intelligence reporting tool. This process ensures that all users view a measure according to the same rules, on the same timeline, and understand how each number was computed.

The Measure Factory provides several interfaces for working with the definitions of measures and their underlying rules. If a user has a question about a number, the Factory provides direct access to the underlying data that was the source of that value. Users can break down the number by any dimension and dive deeper, all the way to the patient level, to look for the source of an unexpected variance. Integrity is assured because the Measure Factory tracks the data used to produce the measure in the first place.

Measures are the numbers that provide perspective into where things stand now and where they may be headed in the future. They help answer important questions: “Are we hitting our targets?” “Are trends moving in the right direction?” “Which issues should I be concerned with most?” Done well, measures provide reliable quantitative evidence to support objective decision-making. But to be truly useful, a measure needs to be more than just a quantity. A potential user needs to understand what a measure represents, how it is intended to be used, and the data used to produce it.

Once you have ensured your data’s integrity, role-based dashboards, including an executive management dashboard, ensure that your team has immediate access to key performance indicators, allowing them to take prompt action to deliver optimal results.

Business Intelligence Reporting Tools That Deliver

Dimensional Insight’s enterprise-wide software gives users the information they need when and where they need it. Our purpose-built intelligence technologies accelerate your time to value. Our business intelligence products offer:

  • Real-time data analytics
  • KPI dashboard software for in-depth analysis
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  • Robust security

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