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Dimensional Insight, Inc. is a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions. Our data integration, modeling, reporting capabilities, analytics, portals, dashboards, and applications empower users throughout the enterprise to make timely, data-driven decisions.


Dimensional Insight's flagship product, The Diver Solution (Diver), is uniquely designed for building and deploying customized BI solutions, dashboards, and BI reporting and analytic applications. Diver plays a primary role as Dimensional Insight's end-to-end BI platform and serves as the foundation for our custom BI solutions and our purpose-built applications.


Dimensional Insight consistently ranks at the top of numerous BI vendor analyst reviews. Thousands of worldwide customers choose Dimensional Insight solutions for flexibility, ease of integration, and rapid time-to-value.


To learn more, download The Diver Solution Technical Overview White Paper.





Business Intelligence built On The Diver Solution Architecture
The three BI infrastructure layers — Collection,
Assembly, and Delivery — combine with Automation & Security
to represent the comprehensive Diver solution.