If you don’t have the right business intelligence tools, you can’t get the job done.


Three interface options. One powerful data engine. Endless insight.


One size fits all doesn’t work when it comes to selecting the right business intelligence tools.

Information is the lifeblood of the data-driven organization, but not every user wants to interact with organizational data the same way. Stop providing a one-size-fits-all approach to business intelligence and give your users the options they crave with BI reporting tools that meet their unique needs. Want to learn more about our vision for modern information delivery? Check out our road map overview.

First, you’ve got to know your role.

The right BI tool. The right interface.


We believe in providing the right business intelligence software tools and the right interface for every person in the organization. Diver technology has three interface options, each designed with a specific user persona in mind. Which type of user are you?

KPIs, charts, graphs: You prefer visualizations of data over a spreadsheet any time. Plus, self-service is how you roll, while waiting on IT for answers is not. The best Diver Platform interface for you? Meet DivePort, our portal client that serves up dashboards and self-service BI.

Pretty pictures aren’t your thing: You dig into data like no other, discovering insights and racking up the kudos. You need data analysis tools that allow you to dig deep. The best Diver Platform interface for you? Meet ProDiver, our analytics client that lets you create and publish BI views for others.

You’re on the go and can’t let access to content slow you down. Presentations, videos, BI: You need it all without the multiple access points. The best Diver Platform interface for you? Meet DiveTab, with any content you need to manage your business from anywhere.

Our BI tools make smart developers exceptional.


BI developers, we hear you: Your job is hard. New data sources pop up every day, your users change their mind about what they want, and management always seems to have a new project that requires immediate attention. Diver’s enterprise platform has put all of the BI tools required for rapid application development into a single environment we call Workbench that will make your life way easier, keep your users happy, and cement your status as a data guru.

Build visually stunning and highly interactive dashboards.

Be the hero: Provide your information consumers with deep “dive-in” and self-service data discovery capabilities, minimizing the need for you to constantly create new ad hoc reports whenever a new question arises.

Scalable BI Tools

Bring any data together in
a secure and scalable way.

Analytics with integrity: Without clean, verified, and replicable data, there are no insights for your information analysts to glean. World-class quality data analytics tools allow you to integrate, build, schedule, and publish data models for analysis on your schedule.

Create information-rich
multi-screen applications.

Deliver information anywhere: Robust security and content control features ensure that current information is always available with a consistent user experience across tablet, desktop, or laptop for your on-the-go information managers. Data analysis tools have never been more versatile.

Integration Made Easy

Introducing Workbench | Spectre


Creating awesome BI means starting with the right engine. Bringing disparate data sources together is a snap using Workbench | Spectre™. It combines a complete data scientist’s toolkit for visual ETL, data manipulation, and project collaboration with the increased speed and performance of our newest data engine. This integrated development environment is designed specifically for data science professionals and BI developers so they can easily manage the entire back-end process, from data source to portal, all from a single tool.

Find out what Diver can do for you


Better BI starts with access to BI tools that enable your work, not create more of it. Diver provides everything you need to develop and distribute insight across the organization. Find out more: Schedule a demo today, or check out our resources below.

90% of the world’s data has been
created in the last two years … but
only 1% of it has been analyzed.


Meet Spectre, our data engine for
large and complex data sets. >

Did you know that organizations
with mobile BI capabilities achieve
better business results?


Meet DiveTab, our solution for
information managers on-the-go. >